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Proper Maintenance Tips and Signs of Faults In Plumbing Systems

An excellent plumbing system increases the value of your home. The special equipment used by plumbers to detect problems in the plumbing systems are expensive for the majority of homeowners; therefore, they cannot tell the problems in their plumbing systems quickly. If small leaks are not detected in time they lead to bigger problems like pipes exploding and filling your house with water or sewage. You should always check for signs of problems in the plumbing system or get it checked by an expert. These signs will help you determine flaws in the plumbing system, and the tips will help you maintain the system properly.

When pipes begin to leak they leave damp spots on the walls, floors, and ceiling; therefore, you should always check out for these signs. Send for a professional plumber to repair the leak immediately. The leaking spots will grow wider, and the pipes will let in more leaks which will be harmful to your health and that of your family.

Check the water bills and ensure you know the average water bills you pay each month. You should be alarmed by the shooting water bills and water meter readings because it may mean that the water is leaking excessively from the pipes or the family is misusing water. Call a plumber to determine whether there are leaks and repair them.

You should protect your pipes from freezing during winter wrapping them in insulation materials. The ice makes the pipes to freeze and explode when it covers the pipes for long. The pipes will have to continuously expand and contract as the ice melts and freezes in winter thus creating pressure that makes them burst.

You should use strainers to prevent the pipes from clogging. The enzyme-based cleaners are not as harsh as strainers because they use natural bacteria to turn the sludge into liquid. Plumbers advise that you use your kitchen ingredients once a month by pouring a cup of vinegar and baking soda mixture into the sink of your kitchen and another in the toilet basin to flush the sludge away. You should do this regularly when you notice the debris have accumulated in the pipes. There are too many products in the market but a plumbing expert will help you to buy the right strainers and enzyme-based cleaners so that you do not buy counterfeit products that are not effective.

Plumbers advice that you should avoid pouring grease and oil into pipes because there are many other ways of disposing of grease and oil that is no longer needed. Theses substances clog the pipes quickly. The more oils, grease and fats clog in the pipes the more they destroy the pipes as time goes by. Use the water heater to flush debris out of the pipes in cold seasons.
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